At the point where old and new meet, the Wooldridge Homestead has certainly leaned towards old.

The house was located where Old Coop Road and new Coop Road meet. The house was located on the corner while a barn was set farther back from the road. They have been abandoned for a long time since neither can be seen on aerial photographs from 1934.

From Old Coop Road, there’s a small driveway leading up to the house ruins. The foundation has collapsed and is mostly covered in grass and plants were few stones visible. The remains of the center chimney are nothing but a heap of rocks on one side of the hole. There’s a break in the foundation facing Coop Road, potentially a doorway into the old basement.

The barn was large and only partially dug into the ground on the north side. Some of the stones can still be seen lining the edges.

An 1874 map of Glastonbury says the home was owned by Wooldridge – just Wooldridge. However, according to town land records, James W Wooldridge and Elizabeth Sarah Leigh Wooldridge acquired a deed from Read Matthew P on Dec. 17, 1870. That was likely the sale of this very house.


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