Roaring Brook was once the industrial backbone of Glastonbury. Around 29 dams were built on the stream and its tributaries, nearly all of which survive to this day. Albasi Dam is one of them, located in the northeastern corner of town near the border with Bolton and Manchester.

The dam still stands and holds back a sizable pond, roughly similar-sized to Eastbury Pond. It’s a mix of stone and earth, only a few feet tall but roughly 200 feet wide. While the dam isn’t in great shape, it looks study enough and features what appears to be a sluiceway on the eastern end. It’s clogged up thanks to a combination of trash, leaves and an old beaver dam, whose lodge is located directly behind the dam in the water.

According to “The Memorial History of Hartford County” by James Hammond Trumbull, there “was a saw-mill run by Nathaniel Hubbard,” noted as being near the head of Roaring Brook and upstream of Coop Sawmill. As of now, the only known dams upstream from Coop Sawmill are the Shenipsit Dam and now, Albasi Dam. While neither is located on Roaring Brook proper, they’re the only two candidates.

Albasi Dam makes more sense considering there is still a sluiceway visible along with piles of rocks along it that could’ve been the foundation for a mill.

The dam itself appears to be located on private property but the property line to the Manchester Water Company appears close enough to get a decent look at it.

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