Located within the Coop Sawmill hamlet, the J. Cooley/S. Franois House is one of the (relatively) younger house ruins along Coop Road. The foundation lacks a center chimney, which most of the old homes on Coop Road had. A center chimney typically indicates the house was built around the colonial period (pre-1776) in America.

The foundation is now located in a thicket with only part of one of the four sides of the foundation not yet collapsed. Just south of the house, parts of the old barn foundation can be seen with what looks like a small retaining wall of rocks in the ground.

The house appears on an 1855 Map of Glastonbury as “S. Franois” listed as the owner while an 1874 map of the town lists “J. Cooley.” Aerial photos from the 1930’s show the house still standing.

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