Long ago, Old Coop Road (sometimes spelled “Coupes Road” on old maps) connected the Buckingham region of Glastonbury to the highlands of Bolton, CT. But that changed in 1914 when Buckingham Reservoir was built and the road was flooded.

In response, the road was cut in half: A new Coop Road was built 3/4 of a mile up Hebron Ave, on the other side of Roaring Brook. The old road was then ended at the new dam for the reservoir.

The road was officially abandoned by the town in 1972 along with nine other roads around town, although the upper road is still maintained by the Manchester Water Company.

Old Coop Road begins off of Old Hebron Avenue, where it is paved for a few hundred feet by the water company. Here, it splits into an upper and lower road.

At this spot is where another pump house once sat, but it was recently torn down by the water company. The upper road is the more well-kept road and is in much better condition for cars and trucks to drive in on. It turns to dirt and meanders through the woods, with a few connectors down to the lower road.

The lower road is also dirt, but struggles with washouts during heavy rain. It’s more narrow and rockier, making it more difficult to traverse. Along this road is a long pipe that once carried water from the reservoir, although it is broken in spots now. This road also passes by Sturgeon Sawmill just before they reconnect.

The road converges back to one at the base of the dam and has since disappeared due to the construction of the dam. It can be picked up again a quarter-mile when the water is low, as the indentation from the road can be seen in the mud. It is here where the road went down the valley and would eventually cross over Roaring Brook.

On the opposite bank when the water is low, the stones that lined the road can be faintly seen. In the woods, the road is dug into the ground fairly deep, so it’s easy to see it traverse back up the hill. Here, it connects with the modern Coop Road.

There are a few ruins on Old Coop Road. Just off the road where the pavement turns to dirt is the remains of the EJ Goslee House. At the corner with Old Hebron Avenue is where the old Buckingham School once stood. On the other end of the road, at the corner of the new and old Coop Roads are the remains Wooldridge Homestead.

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