Mountain Road lives up to is name as one of the main roads that scales up to the top of Minnechaug Mountain. In days past, the road would also travel down the back of the mountain and connect up with Coop Road.

The existing part of the road now ends at a cul-de-sac. Then, a gate blocks off traffic from continuing. From there, the road heads into the woods, lined on one side by rock wall. It passes under the power lines before re-entering the woods and traveling down the backside of the mountain. It crosses over an unnamed brook before going up and over a small hill and meeting with Roaring Brook, where it runs parallel before turning and crossing over the stream to connect with Coop Road via Mountain Road Bridge.

Most of the Glastonbury town maps still show Mountain Road as an improved road, unlike Coop Road or Hill Street which are shown but listed as “Unimproved” roads. In 1972, the town voted to abandon Mountain Road beyond the paved part along with nine other roads in town.

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