Dams, no matter how big or small, are engineering marvels. With only so much stone or dirt, it holds back a large amount of water and the pressure that comes with it. Because of this, most dams are built in valleys where the dam can be as small as possible to limit costs and potential damage. The Naubuc Paper Company Dam is the exception.

The dam is extremely long, spanning over 100 yards long. The southern most section is made of cement but isn’t located on the stream anymore, making it look less like a dam and more like a random large brown structure sitting in the middle of the woods. The old sluicegate can still be seen but has mostly filled in with dirt and leaves.

There’s a puddle of water at the base of the dam that has been contaminated with iron and other metals, making it a bright orange color. Luckily, the contamination doesn’t reach Salmon Brook, so it is hopefully limited to the one area.

The rest of the dam is earthen and makes up the majority of the dam. It is about 10 feet tall and looks just like any normal embankment, except it stretches the length of a football field. Near the concrete part, it has been breached to allow the stream to flow through again.

The date of when the dam was built is unknown and its unclear if it was used for the other industries that occupied the area, such as a grist mill. However, it was likely breached in the 1940’s when the mill was torn down.

One thought on “Naubuc Paper Company

  1. Wandering in the woods near where Roaring Brook enters Buckingham Reservoir, I found an old raceway that went back to Roaring Brook further upstream. The Power lines are where this raceway ends, so whatever was there is gone. There had to be a dam further back on Roaring Brook (near Old Mountain Rd). to feed this raceway. The beavers rebuilt one a few years back, likely in the same place. Just wondering if you had any info on what might have been here. I can take you there if you wish.
    Also, by the Mountain Rd bridge there is a big metal box, some sort of electric control unit, it appears. Any idea hat it was for?


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