In the Meshomasic Forest in East Glastonbury, just off the Old New London Turnpike sits the remains of the East Hartford Water Company’s dam.

The dam sits perched at the top of Dark Hollow, which according to legend was where a stagecoach went off the road, killing everybody on board. The dam has met a similar fate. The concrete structure has completely breached, leaving the middle wide open. The rest of the dam still stands for now, including the sides, top and most of the back.

It appears to have been made of a weak concrete with rocks mixed in. It was flat across with two supports extending out perpendicular. Despite being a reservoir, there’s no evidence of pipes anything to pump the water out. There are only a few small roads leading into the pond.

While the dam has been breached, beavers found it a suitable spot to build their own dam and kept the pond full.

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