During the 19th Century, fire presented the biggest threat to mills in the US. When Frank Glazier took over the Hopewell Mill, he built an innovative fire suppression system that was way ahead of its time.

Since Slocumb Dam already being used to power the factory, he needed to find a new source of water. He decided to build Slab Gut Brook Dam a quarter mile away from his mill.

The dam was made of granite and stood 15 feet tall and spanned 20 yards on a large rock slab. It has since breached, but the portion still standing is in good shape. Pipes can still be seen running from the dam down to the mill. Since it was up high on a hill, water could be drawn down with gravity.

Eventually, the mill closed and Slab Gut Brook Dam was forgotten. Now, it stands as a reminder of one of the town’s earliest fire departments.

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