Hodge’s Pond was still standing up to a few years ago, but broke during a period of heavy rain. The town, obviously having no use for the dam anymore, decided they weren’t going to fix it. Most of the dam is still standing, as the break was rather small in the eastern portion of it. On the side that still stands, a waterwheel towers in the trees, with an old sluicegate still seen nearby.

Next to the break, a stone wall is built into the side of the small hill, likely a wall of the mill that once harnessed its power with the dam. There’s a depression in the ground nearby with some rocks lining it, but it doesn’t seem like it’s in the right spot to be a sluiceway.

According to Nassahegon Notes (now defunct), the dam was built by John Hodge around 1769, and a map of Glastonbury from 1857 states that a paper mill was located there, possibly called Hills & Finley at the time.

The dam is easy to see, especially in the winter time. It’s located just off Manchester Road in the area of the Quarry Road intersection and nearby bridge. Along Manchester Road are some low stones in the ground, likely part of the support for the dam.

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