Editor’s note: The site’s policy is to only cover abandoned locations within the boundaries of Glastonbury. But because of the importance of the site and the fact that it’s right across the border in Portland, I felt it was important to get photographs of the remains. The photos are also only from the control center located on Del Reeves Road. When we visited the launch site off North Mulford Road, I quickly decided to leave due to safety concerns before I took any photos.

Historic information and photos from coldwar-ct.com.



3 thoughts on “HA-26 Nike Missile Site Control Center (Portland)

  1. I would like to visit the launch site as your pictures showed, but you mentioned you left because of safety concerns. What were those safety concerns you experienced? Thank you. I would not want to go if it was not safe.


    1. Lots of shady vehicles around, people coming and going. I’ve only ever been there once, so I can’t say if that’s a common occurrence.


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