Rockwell Street is one of a handful of old, abandoned roads that wind through the forests surrounding the Buckingham Reservoir. It mostly traveled North-South, parallel to Hebron Avenue by roughly 100 yards.

In 1972, the town voted to abandon the entire 4,000-foot long road along with nine other roads in town.

Rockwell Street still exists in most places. The southern end is now the driveway to Candlewick Kennels in the same location as Coop Road. The northern end is closed off by a gate just off Hebron Ave. This part of the road is marked by towering pines that line the road and beautiful stonewalls that run through the forest.

There was just a single house located on the road, on the northern-most bend towards Hebron Avenue. The ruins of a house and barn can still be seen in a clearing next to a giant tree that likely stood when the land was settled. It’s unclear which ruins are the house and barn.

The ruins closest to the road are stone foundations that have mostly succumbed to nature. It’s long and narrow with plenty of scrap metal scattered in and around. On one end of the foundation is an open well, covered only by a rotting pallet and large rock. The well is still in great shape and deep enough where the bottom can’t be seen.


A 1934 aerial look of Rockwell Street.

The other ruins are larger and mostly made of concrete. There are different levels to the foundation that make it appears as if additions were built on over time.

A driveway peels off of Rockwell Street and heads into the fields that once surrounded the house. These walls can still be seen and are still in fine condition. The fields are still mostly open as the forest has only recently began to re-take it.

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