Similar to Easton Grist Mill, Hunt’s Forge is an old industrial site within Cotton Hollow than can easily be missed. The remains of the foundation are mostly buried beneath a fallen tree, but one corner can still be seen as well as a dilapidated wall along the bank. It is located just below a clearing, nearby to the famous cliff-jumping rock in the bend of Roaring Brook.

Hunt’s Forge was an iron forge than produced items smaller than the anchors from Pratt’s Forge. Mainly, it made small, hand-held equipment such as farm tools. In such an agrarian society, these types of products were in high demand back then. However, the forge moved upstream when the Hartford Manufacturing Company built their mills upstream and did not want a small forge tapping into their waterpower. It would move to the current location of Pratt’s Forge, before it closed at some point during the 1800’s.

Not much remains of the forge, but remnants can still be seen.

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