There are a few examples of roads in Glastonbury that have been cut off in the middle of it. Coop Road was cut off by the construction of Buckingham Reservoir, creating Old Coop Road and new Coop Road. Oakwood Drive was split in the middle, leaving two Oakwood Drives on separate sides of town.

Then there’s Country Club Road. One side goes to – get this – Glastonbury Hills Country Club from Wassuc Road. The other side branches off Woodland Road in the middle of Glastonbury’s famous apple orchards. Both roads have signs that make it clear there is no thru access.

From the Woodland side, there is a bright red sign at the cul-de-sac. While no gate formally blocks the entrance to the abandoned part of the road, a branch goes across it. The road has deteriorated to a point where it would be impossible to travel on it anyways.

It goes down a hill and banks to the left before straightening out next to Hole 13 of the country club. Rock walls line either side of the road here. It eventually turns back to pavement where the country club uses part of it as a maintenance area.

Some old maps list the road as Hollister Road, which makes sense since a country club wasn’t always there. In 1972, the town decided not to abandon the road along with 10 others, though it’s not clear when they officially decided to do so.

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