In 1972, Hill Street was one of nine other roads to fall victim to at least partial or complete abandonment by the town of Glastonbury. The eastern-most portion, connecting it to Birch Mountain Road, was abandoned while the town kept the remaining portion that was used to access the one house on the road at the time.

Now, it is just a dead-end dirt road off Hebron Avenue with a handful of houses on it. The Birch Mountain connector has faded away, although the path can still be seen lined with rockwalls on either side. It lasted long enough to reach the electricity era, as the powerlines to Hill Street travel along the lost part of the road which forces the electric company to keep Hill Street from getting overgrown.

The remains to an old homestead are just off the road which belonged to J.W. Finley, although the foundation has mostly collapsed in on itself and it looked to have been abandoned when aerial photos in the 1930’s were taken.


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